“Food is the common factor that breaks down all barriers and draws people in.”

- Robert Springer

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South Africa part 2 The good and the bad and why I still love it like no other place on earth.

Since returning from my last trip to South Africa, I’ve spent the past weeks thinking about my relationship and writing this post. If you haven’t read the first part I strongly urge you to read that as well. It paints a good picture of all the amazing regions and describes to the best of my ability the amazing things it has to offer. I held off editing the content here a few times and posting my second part of “South Africa” which was due at the end of June. The events unfolded of their ex president – Jacob Zuma’s trial, his imprisonment and the violent events that came of it shortly after. The worst violence the country has seen since the end of the racist Apartheid regime. As I saw this all happen on twitter and news channels I understood it to a certain extent but it was heartbreaking nonetheless. Many South Africans have been watching the bubbles form at the bottom of the pot for years and to say that last week’s events could have been even more violent of a boil by far is an understatement.  After all the times I’ve traveled there, I wanted to give my honest opinions about what I’ve experienced there and the opinions of close friends who have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ll try

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Robert Springer

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Robert Springer is the owner and executive chef for Chef Springer Catering. He is published and cited in many print and internet publications for his recipes, culinary advice, and cooking methods. Chef Springer's extensive travel has lent to an internationally diverse palate and knowledge of regional cooking and products.

My Invitation to Cook on a Cheese Tour—And Your Invitation to Come Along!

As you all know, my love of cooking and travel are intrinsically intertwined. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with a boutique tour company, Cheese Journeys, which – as its name suggests – offers cheese-centric adventures for the food and travel obsessed.

When Cheese Journeys owner, Anna Juhl, asked me if I’d consider joining a tour or two in 2022, but as a Chef, I couldn’t have been more excited to say, “yes!” I’ll be prepping and cooking alongside Cheese Journeys’ “veteran” chef, Sylvain Jamois whom I’ve come to know on earlier trips.

So where am I headed? The first trip will be to Italy’s Piedmont, Lombardy, and Lake Country from May 17- 28, 2022, and the second one to France’s Alpine region from September 14- 25, 2022.

But let me first tell you about some of the highlights of this Italian adventure, including the cheese & wine luminaries we’ll meet up with when you join me in May! 


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